Our presence in Plovdiv

par Odyssee Karavana Team  -  16 Mars 2019, 17:50

Our presence in Plovdiv (from ten days up to a year)

Plovdiv, an open scene

Our routes are as diversified as our forms of presence in Plovdiv. Some of us will stay for ten days, others for a month and a half, and still others for one year. But all CITI companies, after having travelled the roads, will gather in Plovdiv in spring 2019 for a highlight, a time of celebration, an exchange where everyone will be on site at the same time. The companies will then invest the city with their caravans and yurts and turn Plovdiv into an open scene.

The street artists’ main strength is indeed their ability for seizing the public space and becoming part of it, their desire to fill it with life and to undertake everything withintheir reach to embellish it. Let’s take over Plovdiv! Let’s meet in Europe’s oldest city!Long before us, there already were a lot of civilizations that wanted to leave a trace on the old town that so often changed its name. Street artists are today’s invaders, unfolding their colourful marquees, their Berber tents, their shiny yurts and mobile scenes, assaulting the city with their town criers and parades!

The historical city of Plovdiv situated on the crossing of Europe and the Mediterranean and marked by revolution, visibility, flow and perpetual transformation, opens its gates to welcome the nomads of culture. Let’s conquer the city with our creations and our unusual tools of expression. Let Plovdiv sharpen our ideas, let’s speak up in public spaces, let’s create together, let’s meet, exchange, grow... Let’s build an open space, sothat each and every one can find its place and fit in our Europe.

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