When CITI’s Charter meets Plovdiv...

par Odyssee Karavana Team  -  16 Mars 2019, 15:27

When CITI’s Charter meets Plovdiv...


This international meeting follows the principles of CITI’s Charter. But it does not onlyfollow them, it incorporates them!

Share not just their performance but also an invitation to enter into their


Make collective and different imaginaries meet, as well as affinities between travelling theatres and colour the city with stories, travels and diversity.

Promote the whole theatrical procedure, from its initial concept right up to it

becoming accessible to the public.

Use travelling theatricality to erase prejudices and stereotypes. A brand new theatrical itinerant procedure for a brand new European Capital of Culture.

Offer a special relationship with the public and establish a link and a mutual hospitality with the local inhabitants who receive them.

Generate discussions and encountering between artistic and cultural differences and lifestyles. Exchange, share, discover. Together.

Assure, thanks to their equipment, a constant quality of presentation whatever the structure and the site that accommodates them.

Adapt oneself. Rediscover oneself. Reinvent oneself.

Encourage versatility between members of the groups and affirm the need for

longevity in their collaboration.

Just as the European Capital of Culture 2019, finding a renaissance for continuity in our thousand and more identities.

  •   Question the different political and artistic landscapes by participating to their cultural development as well as contributing to the democratisation and artistic decentralisation.

    Bring together cultural actors in order to make artistic production shine.

  •   Claim a social solidarity economy.

    Promote a more viable and human alternative.

  •   Develop international exchange and break frontiers, whether geographical, artistic, economic or political.

    Redesign borders that keep us apart and turn them into gathering lines.

  •   Build bonds and links between the different companies and encourage diversity, exchange and the sharing of experience.

    Meet tomorrow’s partners, from here or elsewhere.

  •   Inscribe their travels in the continuity of the story of all travelling theatres.Turn this international meeting into a decisive step within our travels.

  • Plovdiv, here we come!

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