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  • CITI ?

    26 mars 2019

    The CITI is an association which groups professional artistic travelling companies and people or structures in connection with roaming. It is a network, a space of exchange of practices and experiences, it is also a political organization that defends...

  • Itinerary from Belgium to Plovdiv

    05 avril 2019

    After having started its journey in the Pays de Vaud in May 2019, the convoy of the ArTpenteurs will cross the Mediterranean, accompanied by the Belgian artists and performers of Arts Nomades! After a break in Greece, the trip will continue to Plovdiv...


    16 mars 2019

    PLOVDIV 2019: AND AFTER! We are there now and the city has opened its gates to become European Capital of Culture. Plovdiv has spent a special year , a very special year, for it received the intense visit of companies of itinerant theater from all over...

  • Teatro Nucleo

    04 juin 2019

    Teatro Nucleo si è unito alla Odyssée Karavana! Siamo arrivati a Plovdiv, Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019, con Domino - il nostro nuovo progetto di teatro per gli spazi aperti. Saremo qui dal 1 al 10 giugno con altre 13 compagnie che hanno attraversato...

  • When CITI’s Charter meets Plovdiv...

    16 mars 2019

    This international meeting follows the principles of CITI’s Charter. But it does not only follow them, it incorporates them! Share not just their performance but also an invitation to enter into their universe. Make collective and different imaginaries...

  • Thessaloniki

    23 mai 2019

    Grèce nous voilà ! Notre Aventure se poursuit joyeusement avec Arts Nomades et Les arTpenteurs à la sortie du bateau jusque chez ΦΙΞ in art à Thessalonique. Odyssée Karavana , CITI - Centre International pour les Théâtres Itinérants pour Plovdiv 2019...

  • Let’s gather in 2019 in the European Capital of Culture for an international meeting on travelling theatre

    16 mars 2019

    Let’s gather in 2019 in the European Capital of Culture for an international meeting on travelling theatre The « raison d’être » of the project Making the European Capital of Culture 2019 the headquarters for a project on travelling theatre? An obvious...


    16 mars 2019

    1/06/19 > 10/06/19 200 nomadic artists and technicians, from 13 COMPANIESfrom Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland on foot, with horses, by bicycles or trucks on European roads are coming to share their arts in the oldest town of Europe. In their luggage...

  • Is the road making us better?

    16 mars 2019

    Is the road making us better? It lays open wide and is more than a vanishing line: a vision. It allows to cross varied landscapes, to reconsider the relation between the inside and the outside. It enables to distance oneself without being left behind....

  • Collecting

    16 mars 2019

    We carry all those treasures along with us to Plovdiv. They will be an endless resource for creation in motion that will continue in the city of Plovdiv through our workshops. These objects and sounds are transformed by us, we create around them. They...

  • La carovana della gioia

    02 mai 2019

    Where is Joy? Workshop Arts Nomades, Ferrara, Italie. Object Theatre and poetry in the street. Great Team! Meaningless moments spent discarding the real world and overlooking the need to produce goods and services through worthy perspiration and honest...

  • En mai la joyeuse contagion sans frontière de la compagnie Arts Nomades made in Belgique. 

    07 avril 2019

    En mai fait ce qu’il te plait. En avril aussi. Et le reste de l’année ? Avec Y a de la Joie !/ Where is Joy? et les workshops liés au spectacle, nous propagerons notre itinérance. Il nous plaira de répandre notre joyeux virus en Suisse, en Italie, en...

  • PROGRAMS Какво предстои в лагера на Тракия?

    31 mai 2019

    (ENGLISH BELOW) 🎪 ПЛОВДИВ КАРАВАНА - Артистични лагери на открито 🥳 15 пътуващи театри от Белгия, Франция, Италия и Швейцария - CITI - Centre International pour les Théâtres Itinérants от 1 до 10 юни 2019 г. ще създадат 3 големи артистични лагера - в...

  • Emotional contagion

    19 avril 2019

    Emotional contagion We'd better watch out! Joy is contagious! The issue being that when we would rather be happily eating up what the invaluable growth offers us (who said forces us? Speak out now, you vile measel!), joy prevents us from doing so. He...

  • On itinerant theatricality

    16 mars 2019

    It is high time to bring back nomadism. Time to accept the essential role that can be played by traveling theatre. Time to highlight theatrical procedure from companies that turn their travels into an art of living. Somewhere between a life of theatre...

  • retracer ces routes fertiles en création artistique

    17 mars 2019

    À l’heure où les marchandises et l’argent transitent de plus en plus vite, où les discours populistes circulent à la vitesse des réseaux sociaux, il est crucial de rendre à la création une place essentielle sur les routes physiques et métaphoriques d’Europe....

  • Our presence in Plovdiv

    16 mars 2019

    Our presence in Plovdiv (from ten days up to a year) Plovdiv, an open scene Our routes are as diversified as our forms of presence in Plovdiv. Some of us will stay for ten days, others for a month and a half, and still others for one year. But all CITI...


    16 mars 2019

    FUTURE DIARY OF A PLOVDIVIAN CHILD June 20th 2019 - Plovdiv The streets of Plovdiv were feverishly animated early this morning. Caravans had been driving through them in convoy, carried by a warm and soft wind coming from far away. The inhabitants of...

  • Maraudeurs vélo voyage kolelo spectacle

    02 mai 2019

    Itinerary Maraudeurs maraudeurs vélo voyage Kolelo spectacle

  • Trakia Camp Scenography

    31 mai 2019

  • Barakata

    31 mai 2019

  • Domino Teatro Nucleo

    31 mai 2019

  • По-голяма част от Barakata са вече на наша земя! 🚍 Последна спирка преди Пловдив - Европейска столица на културата 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 ECOC - Montana, Bulgaria

    31 mai 2019

  • First meeting of the companies of Trakia. Everyone at his place. Like in a chess game. But here, no throne to fight for. Only building a beautifull artistic event.

    31 mai 2019

  • Odyssée Plovdiv Karavana press conference yesterday. Trakia site continues setting up

    31 mai 2019

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